Working With A Highly Experienced CFO and Leadership Coach Is Your Best Investment In Yourself!



Working With A Highly Experienced CFO and Leadership Coach Is Your Best Investment In Yourself!

Does This Sound Familiar?


  • You have been successful and have risen though the leadership ranks due to your intellect, and technical and strategic prowess.
  • Nobody doubts your expertise and skills in reading the numbers, making sense of complex data, being able to see and understand the big picture, and end-to-end business processes.
  • Yet now you are in a position where strong people and organization skills are critical to effectively lead and manage your stakeholders (including the Board, CEO, and other leadership team members).
  • To effectively and efficiently drive your desired change agenda in the organization, you need to quickly upgrade your “soft” leadership competencies.


You know that without this upgrade, you will plateau in the organization.


You may already have found yourself nudging against a ceiling you can’t see through.

You are not the type of person who pushes into a room and may find yourself waiting in the wings.


Here is where working with a highly experienced CFO coach can be your best investment!


A coach who has significant experience as a CFO and who has walked many times in your shoes and understands your pain points. And who, unlike other coaches, can:
- Not only ask insightful questions, but also provide practical advice and suggestions
- Not only review assessments and feedback results, but also provide a sounding board as a trusted advisor
- Not only provide on-the-job actions, but also provide tools and knowledge

If you feel that a coach like this can be an invaluable asset, then I am very uniquely qualified to help you.


I’m uniquely qualified to work with you by drawing on my 25+ years of Senior Level experience combined with my International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential.

Experience Summary

  • Global CFO of USD5B Public Company
  • Multiple other CFO experiences (Public and Private Companies)
  • Board Experience in 15+ Companies
  • 25+ years of Corporate Experience; Multiple Industries/Functions
  • Award-winning & Tenured Professor of Leadership
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach + multiple other accreditations
  • MBA, MA & MME from Top Tier Universities
Picture of Arif Iqball - The CFO Coach ®


My 25+ years of rich experience and diverse skill set as a world class CFO, a Board member, an Executive Coach, and as an award-winning Professor of Leadership make me very uniquely qualified to guide and support client life and career development.


CFO Coaching Services


Structured coaching to create quick and long-lasting impact in new roles.

Avoid stress and anxiety and derailing early in a new role by leveraging a strategic transition framework to align with CEO/Board objectives, create early wins, build productive relationships, and create and share your vision with your team.




Structured coaching to expand leadership capacity, effectiveness, and impact.

Build new mental models and sense-making skills. Improve awareness and response to become a better strategic partner to your stakeholders. Learn to improve team leadership, navigate office politics and manage career derailers.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Our Collaborative Approach - 3 Simple Steps.


1. Arrange a Consultation


In our initial discussion, we will delve into your aspirations, pinpoint the hurdles you face, and consider the unique ways I can assist you. The purpose of this conversation is to ensure that I'm the perfect fit as your coach.

2. Confirm Our Partnership


Based on our mutual consensus, we will establish our coaching partnership. You will receive a contract outlining the specifics of our engagement and a confidentiality agreement for your scrutiny and endorsement.

3. Kickstart Our Journey


Post contract ratification, you will secure a spot on my digital calendar. We will regularly convene via Zoom for transformative discussions, fostering consistent growth. The actionable steps you take between our sessions will steadily propel you towards your targets.




Alexis Fosler, CEO Asia Allfunds

I highly recommend Arif as a coach not only to CFO’s but also CEO’s and other senior professionals. I first met Arif during a coaching course and was immediately drawn to his wisdom, authenticity and remarkable lack of ego. Arif has since coached me in my capacity as a CEO of an Asian franchise for a large multinational, and his guidance and insightful queries and curiosity have helped me navigate a complex organisation. Arif has gently questioned my attitudes and beliefs toward work and encouraged me to think about broader missions and callings and to explore how I can leverage my unique and diverse skills for greater service. He has built my resilience, supported me in my journey and been an advocate for my personal growth and transformation. I would recommend Arif to anyone who is looking for deep insight, mentorship and personal and professional growth and would be happy to connect with those who wish to learn more about Arif’s unique style of coaching.

- Alexis Fosler, CEO Asia, Allfunds (Singapore)

I highly recommend Arif as a coach. The coaching experience with him was one of the memorable milestones of my career. It was my first time taking a professional coaching program and I was a bit apprehensive at first, but Arif did a great job at creating a space where I felt OK to be vulnerable and open up about the challenges I was facing as a senior executive. A great listener, Arif is very gifted at asking questions that question status quo, raise self-awareness and contribute to personal & professional growth. His invitation to change my life by changing my questions, as well as to listen to my inner voice has been a key to many doors in both my personal and professional journey.

- Thibault Jalabert, Country Manager Japan at Goyard

Thibault Jalabert, Country Manager Japan at Goyard
Janet Yu, APAC Market Lead, Digital Asset

I was really fond of Arif’s approach as a coach because he offered structural advise and its very comprehensive. With his deep experiences in corporate and in Asia, he was able to provide guidance that I find relevant in my situation. He has quickly pointed out what I needed to work on and we practiced ways to improve on that. In our coaching lessons, we conducted mock ups on how to deal with the scenarios and looked at how to tackle the same situation from multiple ways. Even though its been over 1.5 years since our last coaching session, I still find his structures very useful in my daily work. I will highly recommend Arif’s services to anyone.

- Janet Yu, APAC Market Lead, Digital Asset (Hong Kong)

Arif’s magic is he balances art and science to bring light to your situation and open your mind to what alternatives could be. His deep corporate experience means he can give very practical, structured advice to work situations but he’s also an incredibly insightful and perceptive coach. He speaks to your whole self, not just yourself at work. I’ve been often surprised over the last 3 years I’ve worked with him with the revelations I’ve arrived at. It’s led me to taking a much overdue sabbatical and changing industries after almost two decades. I highly recommend him as a coach. I’ve worked with him remotely the whole time as we’re based in different countries, and it’s not taken anything away from the experience.

- Brenda Han, APAC Director, Brand & Innovation, Restaurant Brands International (Singapore)

Brenda Han, APAC Director, Brand & Innovation, RBI