How I went from being a Global CFO of a USD 5B public company to helping hundreds of hard-working individuals find confidence and start to build a life they love.

How I went from being a Global CFO of a USD 5B public company to helping hundreds of hard-working individuals find confidence and start to build a life they love.

I spent 3 decades creating a "successful" corporate identity


  • CFO of multiple public and private companies.
  • Board member of over 15 companies.
  • Leadership experience across industries, functions, and geographic boundaries.
  • Multiple graduate degrees from top-tier universities.

On the surface I looked successful and happy. 

I was eager to demonstrate my value through achievement and results.

Working late hours and feeding the success myth monster.

All the while ignoring and escaping the core work that needed to be done for my own development, happiness and life enrichment.

Something inside me was pulling me and I finally listened to that inner voice.

In 2015 I resigned from my corporate job and took a sabbatical


Suddenly, my life was a blank canvas

I lost my dominant identity and needed to create a new one which was my own and in-line with the person I wanted to be.

I moved to a new city, got a new home - everything in my life was new.

In a flurry of activity, new opportunities started presenting themselves to me:

  • I was offered a part-time teaching position at a local University (which I accepted). 
  • A call with a friend who was a coach led me to an exploration of coaching
  • The university offered me a tenured full Professor position with complete freedom to design my own classes
  • I become certified as a coach

Equipped with the frameworks I learnt during my coaching program, I designed real-life practical-experience based classes that had never been offered before at the university. 

Suddenly I found myself teaching university students during the day, while coaching executives in the evenings and weekends. 

It was an accelerated path away from corporate leadership towards my journey of supporting future leaders both at university and within organizations.

Life had other lessons to teach me for my journey


In the Spring of 2019, I lost my only son to depression and it created a huge void that I continue to learn to be with. 

With it came a huge loss of identity and legacy.

The love and support from my students and my family and friends fills a big part of this hole.

I learned how life challenges us and at the same time gives us ways to be with those challenges.

I could see that developing and helping people was my refuge and my calling.

I was gaining traction


In just under two years, I had completed the 500+ hours needed to cross the important and difficult milestone of becoming a PCC (Professional Certified Coach).

As my experience and confidence grew, I increasingly got great feedback from my coaching clients and also my students.

"Life changing" was a phrase I heard with great frequency.

The majority of my clients renewed or extended their coaching engagements.

The university bestowed on me the "Best Professor Award" which was very motivational.

I started to settle down and was aware that my inner desire to help people had found a way to be of true service.

I started to embody "I am enough".

I had found a way to support other people's dreams and my own.

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